The bright colors represent the rich printed colors from the printing machine, and the soft and flow-lined totem represents the film material in soft packaging.

    The cross in the middle of the letter "O" from WORLDLY is the sight used in color register. Here, it stresses the high accuracy of color register that WORLDLY provides.

    The center of the letter "R" has a wheel and a film, and it symbolizes that WORLDLY manufactures machines for soft packaging. This also expresses the determination that WORLDLY is seeking to become the leading brand for soft packaging machinery.


    The Chinese name of WORLDLY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (瑋禮企業股份有限公司) has a significant meaning. The word瑋(wei) stands for the eternal target that founder set. He expects to manufacture high quality and performance machineries, and develop a sustainable business. As for the word 禮(li), it represents the humble attitude of the founder. He always reminds employees to keep open-minded in order to compete in the ever changing market.

    In the future, WORLDLY will stick to the original goal, and keeps providing the professional technology and outstanding quality to clients from all around the world. We aim at creating a glamorous future for soft packaging industry together with the esteemed clients.

    About Worldly

    Founded with the enterprise motto:『Best Quality, Active Service, Advanced Technology, Constant Innovation』, WORLDLY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD has gone through 40 years experience in the printing professional field and become a famous brand in Taiwan printing industry. In order to provide the best solution to the progressive market, Worldly has transformed the brand position from a professional manufacturer for rotogravure printing machines, coating machines and laminating machines, to a versatile manufacturer for soft package machines at present. Until now, the entire successful outcome is result in the trust and supports from clients. Clients are the most important and supportive power to Worldly.

    About Worldly

    From the stable high-speed rotogravure printing machines, laminating machines, special coating machines, extrusion laminating machines for different materials and applicable hot melt coating machines, to various film sanding machines, high speed slitting machines and reversible rewinding inspection machines, Worldly is capable of providing a complete production line as the best solution to meet diversified requirements of clients. Also, client satisfaction is always the top mission for Worldly. For fulfilling the ideal service to all clients, Worldly has been constantly researching and developing with continual production machinery expansions. Except for the devotion on equipment development, Worldly also pays much efforts on client service as the exclusive customized service. At present, this customer-oriented business mode has earned business success and solid trust from clients in 23 countries, and has lead Worldly to be the best profit consultant and good partner in printing field worldly.

    About Worldly

    Moreover, Worldly fully focuses on the printing manufacture expertise with humble attitude. Except for adopting strict Q.C. procedure on production and active personnel education for technology and knowledge, Worldly also listens to clients' opinions and takes their market situation seriously. In order to enhance the global marketing, Worldly provides an active client service. Until now, Worldly is still striving to become a leading brand in soft package printing machinery. With the excellent know-how, teamwork, creative machine design and superior production ability, Worldly will keep inventing and providing newer, safer, better converting equipments and machines for the clients around the world!







    Worldly aims to become an outstanding manufacturer for various soft packaging machineries. Worldly is still striving to become a leading brand in soft packaging printing machinery. Worldly will keep providing newer, safer, and better converting soft package for the clients around the world.

    Improving Technology

    Improving Technology

    Worldly obtains rich experience and fine manufacture technology in soft package printing equipment. Furthermore, it frequently holds internal education trainings to pass down and strengthen the technical skills.
    Excellent Plant and Equipment

    Excellent Plant and Equipment

    "To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools." Excellent plant can manufacture excellent machineries. Over the years, Worldly has been investing in the updated production equipment, according to this, the team can play to their best strength and create the best quality.
    Rigid Team Organization

    Rigid Team Organization

    People are the foundation of one cooperative. Worldly places great importance to human resource and team building in the very beginning. From production, R & D design, to marketing management, Worldly gives out well-designed trainings and take care the development of each team.
    ifferentiated Customer Service

    Customization Service

    In view of the ever-changing soft package printing technology, Worldly R & D team and production team constantly analyze the new packaging materials in order to provide customized services with needs of clients. Clients can embrace the latest printing technology along with the updated machinery for maximizing performances and profits.
    Active After-sale Service

    Active After-sale Service

    Each machine produced by Worldly is like a child of us. Worldly actively cares for the follow-up status of each machine, and also arranges tour service to make customers feel relieved and eased. This is one of the key points that customers can rely on Worldly.

    Worldly adheres to the entrepreneurial spirit "quality first" of the president Lai. Each machines produced by Worldly are the dedication and hard work of all staff. The following are the competitive advantages of Worldly products:

    Stable Color Register and High Accuracy
    Every printing machine is required stable color register in high speed operation. The high color accuracy ensures the printing quality.

    Use PLC man-machine interface as a whole machine control system, the high performance digital controller are not only simple but user-friendly.

    With smart automatic color register function, the printing machine can do automatic cylinder proofing printing and printing at the same time for excellent printing quality. And the VIDEO view system can immediately detect the printing quality which makes quality control become easier and controllable.


    Research and Development is the key element of the company. Worldly emphasizes on R & D since its establishment, and constantly drives itself as the target. Worldly committees to enhance the manufacture technology and product innovation ever since.

    • Sectional Direct-drive Motor in The Shaftless System

      Sectional Direct-drive Motor in The Shaftless System

      Different from the mechanical line drive and electronic line shaft driven by belt Worldly pioneers the development of the sectional direct-drive motor used in the shaftless system. With the motor, the color register reaction can be more direct and reduce the error rate. It can save time for replacing work orders, and greatly enhance the printing quality and the effectiveness of work.
    • Heat Recycling System

      Heat Recycling System

      According to the increasing global warming, Worldly often thinks of the environmental issue when doing the R&D part. We wish to improve the efficiency of the machine and contribute to the earth at the same time. In the drying process, the exhaust gas contains a lot of heat energy. Therefore, Worldly develops the heat recycling system. It can effectively recycle the exhaust gas and reuse the heat energy. The system can reduce approximately 40% of the energy. And, the recycled gas is completely solvent-free to ensure the environment protection.
    • Vertical & Horizontal Splicing Device

      Vertical & Horizontal Splicing Device

      How to smoothly implement splicing part under high-speed operation is one of the key factors that affect the printing quality. In order to reduce splicing time and avoid unnecessary loss, Worldly actively develop vertical & horizontal splicing device. This device consists of a cutter, tracking roller and positioning sensors. By doing this, there will be no restriction of material size when splicing. In addition, the horizontal splicing device obtain tracking roller for alternative which allows material to maintain in good winding condition. This not only makes the splicing go smoother but be more applicable to diverse materials.
    • Full Participation
    • Innovative Development
    • Quality Assurance
    • Customer Satisfaction

    In 1999, Worldly has obtained the ISO9001 quality certification and the CNAB quality award, and the ISO2000 certification in 2003 and the ISO2008 certification in 2009.

    The major achievement is attributed to a collaborate work from all the staffs. Except for the participation from staffs, the strict quality control and innovative development are also the main factors that assure Worldly of excellent quality.