Laminating Machine
WDL Series
Dry Laminating Machine

Product Description +

In response to the mass demand of various materials and multiple methods in flexible packing markets, WORLDLY provides the WDL multiple functional drying laminating machineries as the ultimate solution. With this machine automatic taper tension settings can also be easily adjusted on the panel according to different technology process applications. Drying temperature is adjusted by PID automatic temperature controller that balances the required temperature. Internal transition rollers in the drying tunnel are connected together with belt and transmitted by an independent AC motor. In addition, to insure smooth and solid firm laminating results, the machines laminating unit uses a three roller design. The counter-roll pulled by pneumatic pistons, and adjustable from both sides to stiffen the rider roll. With these specific designs on the WDL, provided is increases production and minimize loss which are essential for flexible packaging.

Model WDL
Maximum Machine Speed 200 m/min
Laminating Speed

(Must depend on relevant laminating condition, such as material and laminating thickness)

180 m/min
Printing Width 800mm / 1000mm / 1200mm
Laminating Width 1000mm / 1200 mm
Material Diameter Ø600 mm / Ø800 mm / Ø1000 mm

* All pictures and technical specifications are for reference only. The model depend on actual product.

PET, CPP, PVC,OPP, PP, PE, Nylon, Aluminum Foil, Paper.
Optional Features
- High performance synchronized control system by PLC, provides convenient operation.
- Reversible smoothing roller prevents air bubbles during lamination.
- 4-zone drying: high drying performance and non-volatility remain.
- Drying system options: Thermal oil, Gas burner and Electric heating.

Unwinding Unit

Double shafts turret type with automatic positioning splicer. Composed of AC vector motors, the operating tension is controlled by pneumatically and low friction dancing roller.
Unwinding Unit

Secondary Unwinding Unit

Secondary Unwinding Unit

Rewinding Unit

(1) Two rolls press type with pneumatically adjustable pressure control.

(2) Automatic Taper tensions can also be easily adjusted on the touch panel according to the different material specifications for curve, slope, or straight three setting modes.

(3) Two additional touch rollers for both rewinding shafts are pneumatically pressure control to maintain the smoothness of the rewinding material without any sliding.
Rewinding Unit

Doctor Blade Unit

Pneumatic controlled doctor blade can be adjusted in three dimensions, the doctor blade groups are moving transversal and reciprocating, and drive speed ratio can be manual adjusted or synchronized with the printing cylinder to provide maximum printing effects and longer life.
Doctor Blade Unit

Adhesive Coating Unit

(1)Gravure coating unit is driven by AC vector motor. When the machine stop, the coating roll can be programmed to self rotate preventing the coating glue to evaporate and solidify.

(2)Diffusion Roll
The diffusion roll operating speed is manually or automatically adjustable, operating smoothing angle can also be manually adjusted. It synchronously separated from the film when the impression roller to be raised.
Adhesive Coating Unit

Three Rolls Lamating Unit

To insure smooth and solid firm laminating results, the machines laminating unit uses three roller press design.

Drying Tunnel Guide Rolls Driven by Moter

The drying tunnel is opened and closed by pneumatic cylinders, internal guide rollers are connected together with belt and transmitted by an independent AC motor.
Drying Tunnel Guide Rolls Driven by Moter

Integrated Control Panel

Integrated control panel including human-machine interface touch screen and PLC centralized control system. All of the machine functions and parameters can be monitored and controlled on this user friendly design.