Rotogravure Printing Machine
WPR-AS Series
Standard Flexible Rotogravure Printing Press

Product Description +

In order to apply to various printing demands and output, Worldly develops a series of WRP-AS rotogravure printing machine with deliberate design. Because of the connecting with central control system, also the uncomplicated human-machine interface setting and accurate color register device, the machine can bring the beneficial result of high quality and certain output. Moreover the automatic orientating splicing device can decrease the waste material effectively to decrease the loss.

Model WRP-AS
Maximum Machine Speed 200 m/min
Printing Maximum Speed

(Must depend on relevant printing condition, such as material and printing thickness)

180 m/min
Printing Width 800mm / 1000mm / 1200mm
Printing Cylinder Circumference 350 mm - 900mm
Material Diameter Ø600 mm / Ø800 mm

* All pictures and technical specifications are for reference only. The model depend on actual product.

PET, CPP, PVC,OPP, PP, PE, Nylon, Aluminum Foil.
Optional Features
- Ink circulating pump
- Ink viscosity controller
- Reverse bar
- Pre-heat chamber
- Drying system options: Steam, thermal oil, gas burner, electricity heater

Unwind Unit

Double shafts turret type with automatic positioning splicer. Composed of AC vector motors, the operating tension is controlled by pneumatically and low friction dancing roller.
Unwind Unit

Rewinding Unit

(1) Double shafts turret type with automatic positioning splicer. Composed of AC vector motors, the operating tension is controlled pneumatically by low friction dancing roller.

(2) Automatic Taper tensions can also be easily adjusted on the touch panel according to the different material specifications for curve, slope, or straight three setting modes.

(3) Two additional touch rollers for both rewinding shafts are pneumatically pressure control to maintain the smoothness of the rewinding material without any sliding.

In-feeding Unit

(1) Two rolls press type with pneumatically adjustable pressure control.

(2) Tension controlled by low friction dancing roller between in-feed and first printing unit.
In-feeding Unit

Gravure Printing Unit

(1) Shaft-less loading device by pneumatic holder for easy access while unloading and uploading printing cylinders.

(2) Doctor Blade Unit
Pneumatic controlled doctor blade can be adjusted in three dimensions, the doctor blade groups are moving transversal and reciprocating, and drive speed ratio can be manual adjusted or synchronized with the printing cylinder to provide maximum printing effects and longer life.
Gravure Printing Unit

Central Control System

An Integrated central control panel combines the human-machine interface touch screen, color register control system, video web inspection system, and PLC synchronize control, desighned for easy and friendly printing production management.
Central Control System